Rotary Drum Cleaner

Prominence offers a wide range of Rotary Drum Grain Cleaners with or without aspiration. The machines remove light dust particles as well as separating good quality grain from splits and trash. The rotary drum cleaner with aspiration is essential for cleaning cereals that will be stocked for a long time, avoiding overheating which can be caused by chaff, husks, split grains etc. The product enters by gravity into a Motorized roller distributor and is evenly distributed over its whole width, the subsequent curtain descent of cereal encounters a cross airflow, which carries away light impurities (decanted by a cyclone or filter) and deposits a part of the heavier particles in a decanting hopper, equipped with a screw for reject expulsion. The dust-free grain enters a cylindrical rotating drum with interchangeable perforated screens. The first screen removes re–light impurities (and splits etc.), while the following screens allow the good grain to pass through pre-sized holes and the large impurities come out at the end of drum. The choice of screen perforation size depends upon the cereal and the type of reject to separate out.